Dec 6, 2006


Time is short, that's the first thing
for the weasel time is a weasel,
for the hero, time is heroic,
for the whore, time is just another trade,
if you're gentle, time is gentle
if you're in a hurry, time flies
time is a servant if you are its master
time is god, if you are its dog
We are the creators of time,
the victims of time,
the killers of time
time is timeless
that's the second thing,
You are the clock

1 comment:

martha said...

Σου ευχομαι περαστικά και να γινεις συντομα καλα.δεν γνωριζομαστε αλλα μου κρατας πολυ καλη συντροφια κάτι περίεργες μέρες στο γραφειο. ευχομαι όλα να πάνε καλά και θα πάνε!

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